Summer Summer Time…

Oh Dear England, where is the sun? Unluckily for me my birthday fell on a Saturday between two beautifully sunny weekends, and I spent the morning setting up a gazebo in the pouring rain, adamant that having my annual birthday BBQ was still going to happen. Even though the weather was rubbish I had an amazing day with friends travelling from all over to see me!

While dreaming of the sun that has been replaced by constant rain at the moment I stumbled upon these awesome sunglasses cases by Tanner Goods, that come in an array of colours: Natural, Rich Mocha, Dark Oak, Chicago Tan and Black. I absolutely love this brilliant design, I just wonder if they could fit my cat-eye sunglasses. Onto my ever evolving wishlist they go!


Sunglass Case Black $65

Tanner Goods make a huge array of amazing leather goods, ranging from belts, bags, wallets, guitar straps and even rad little chopsticks carry-on pouches. Check out the website for the full range of products.


Shades of Silence

I can’t remember when I discovered this brand, Shades of Silence but I have wanted a few of their pieces for a long while now, with my only barrier being money. I have added images of my top 3 favourite products from the Shades of Silence web store that I absolutely adore, the first two are just perfect for me.


Shredded T-shirt $129


Fingerless Hood Top $119


Multi-way Asymmetric Long Dress $219

Sadly I don’t think I would be able to get away with this beautiful dress, as I’m pretty short so I think it would drown my figure, but it’s stunning all the same. Plus I have no idea what I would wear it too. What do you think to my picks?

Family Comes First

Bit of a late post about a wedding fair I attended at the start of the month but I only just got a hold of the lovely images captured by my talented cousin. It’s the only wedding related thing I have done since my engagement about a year and a half ago, and interested me because it wasn’t the usual standard wedding milarky. It was also a great excuse to have a bit of a reunion with my two beautiful cousins and do something different to the norm. We took the day to travel into London and made our way to A Most Curious Wedding Fair, followed by some lunch and a spot of shopping on Carnaby Street.

So here are our photos of attending A Most Curious Wedding Fair held at Hackney Downs Studios, my cousin Rachel took all the vendor photos and I caught some decent snaps of the great catwalk show that ended the event on a high















For a list of vendors in attendance, I’ve added a link to the SS14 London Exhibitors.

It was a truly lovely event to attend, all the vendors were extremely friendly and attentive, and I was even given a lucky silver six pence that is placed in the bride’s shoe, a traditional British good luck gesture. I came out with some great ideas for my big day even though I haven’t even set a date yet.

A Timeline of Inspiration

I am not and will never be one of those serial ‘Likers’ on Instagram, I use and refer back to the ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ regularly to see whats currently inspiring me, it’s like my mini Pinterest of sorts. It’s also a subtle reminder to save up my pennies to buy all these amazing things by all the outstanding artists, jewellers, tattoo artists, designers I follow and then there are just personal memories scattered in there too. This is about 6 months worth of my favourite things, it’s clear to see what influences me from these beautiful images.

Are your ‘Likes’ as carefully thought out as mine? Or is this some sort of weird personal trait? Probably.








Remarkable Marble

This is a newly discovered Australian based sunglasses brand for me, Onkler. They have some seriously badass frame shapes that I am just loving!

Take a peek at their lookbook, click the images for a larger view.










Totally lusting after the Post frames in Grey Marble, although I have no idea what the frame would look like on my face, probably quite terrible as I have a rather flat nose. Still this is my top choice! What’s yours?

Be Still My Beating Heart

Ovate, currently my absolute favourite brand. Audrey Cantwell has out done herself with the new SS14 clothing and accessories that release tomorrow Monday the 17th of March. I have been a huge fan for a long while now and have been so excited watching out for sneak peeks on her Instagram account. See for yourself, images taken from the Ovate blog.









I am lusting over so much of this season’s release, I think my “must have’s” would be that amazing leather jacket and The Stowe x Ovate collaboration weekend bag.

What do you all think? Is it just me that thinks Ovate gets better and better with each passing season?

& Other Stories


& Other Stories CC Quad £12

I spend about 98% of my life wearing no make-up. For a number of reasons, I suffer from extremely dry skin caused by my atopic eczema so it’s easier to just not wear any. And because I would rather that 15-20 minutes in bed on a morning rather than “putting my face on”. It’s not that I don’t like make-up, because I do. I just find it hard finding products suitable for my sensitive skin and that provide moisture.

I remember when I first started University I lived with an Italian girl that used a green colour corrector to reduce any redness on her face, a product I have never seen in the UK. So when I was down in London shopping in & Other Stories with my cousin and saw the CC Quad palette designed to neutralise unwanted colours like dark bags under your eyes and redness which I frequently suffer from, I had to buy it. It was in the Beauty sections Top 10 products in store and I can see why, as it’s a simple product which will be exceptionally useful for me. I highly recommend it, especially for £12!

  • Yellow – Lightens dark complexions as well as veins
  • Orange – Blue neutralizer, covers dark circles
  • Green – Minimizes redness such as acne
  • Purple – Brightens dull looking skin