Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I have been an avid follower of Alicia Hannah Naomi since a friend led me to the discovery of her blog many years ago. When she started making her own jewellery I loved her design and aesthetics, and was an instant fan. I applaud her efforts on this new collection, and have my eye on the Awl Ring my favourite piece. I urge you to check out her amazing work.

In response to corporeal relationships and visceral sensuality, the 2015 collection features raw textures with a primal tactility. The desire for human contact is communicated through sculpted surface treatments and undulation that culminates in sharp detail. Interlocking elements delineate our common need for intimacy, while the shadowy blackening of the precious metals amplify the brutality associated with lust. Manufactured in Melbourne from sterling silver, precious gems and volcanic rock; the works allegorise the carnal connection of lovers.

Have a look at the hauntingly beautiful images from Alicia Hannah Naomi’s 2015 collection:

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A Timeline of Inspiration

I am not and will never be one of those serial ‘Likers’ on Instagram, I use and refer back to the ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ regularly to see whats currently inspiring me, it’s like my mini Pinterest of sorts. It’s also a subtle reminder to save up my pennies to buy all these amazing things by all the outstanding artists, jewellers, tattoo artists, designers I follow and then there are just personal memories scattered in there too. This is about 6 months worth of my favourite things, it’s clear to see what influences me from these beautiful images.

Are your ‘Likes’ as carefully thought out as mine? Or is this some sort of weird personal trait? Probably.








Remarkable Marble

This is a newly discovered Australian based sunglasses brand for me, Onkler. They have some seriously badass frame shapes that I am just loving!

Take a peek at their lookbook, click the images for a larger view.










Totally lusting after the Post frames in Grey Marble, although I have no idea what the frame would look like on my face, probably quite terrible as I have a rather flat nose. Still this is my top choice! What’s yours?

eBay Delights

Even if I had the money I would be very unlikely to buy this even though I absolutely adore it. I happened to stumble across it on eBay as I have Ann Demeulemeester flagged so when anything new pops up I get a first look in. I already have a Bloodmilk necklace similar so there really is no justification to want something so similar. Feast you eyes on this beautiful necklace, what do you think? I think it’s stunning.



With just under 14 hours to go, good luck to any bidders. $650 which is almost £400 is just way over budget for me, especially on eBay, the land of bargain dreams.


I discovered this via NotCot and thought it was a beautiful concept by London based jewellery designer Tithi Kutchamuch. Part of her Secret Friend collection, and inspired by the death of her dog, Tithi has designed a range of jewellery with animal-shaped bases to keep them on, how very practical! I have included my favourite images of her work, taken by photographer Petr Krejci. Simple and beautiful I really like everything about these pieces. I have always found it annoying to store my jewellery in an appealing way, and this works perfectly. How do you feel about these striking images?




Natural Talent

Do you dare to die? The sense of death is most in apprehension, and the poor beetle we tread upon feels a pang as great as when a giant dies. – William Shakespeare

I’m not one for quotes but thought that had some relevance to this post featuring the very talented jewellery designer, Rachel Boston. I discovered Rachel on In Detail, a brilliant website dedicated to Style in Jewellery which I highly recommend if you want to make some new discoveries.

I adore this lookbook and love how versatile the jewellery is for both men and women. Simple and beautiful designs, I’m particularly fond of the Tiny Stag Ring in silver, I find I can’t wear large rings because I have short fingers so this would be perfect. I will add it to my forever growing wishlist. Enjoy the images, they are linked back to her website so you can enjoy her designs. Prices vary depending on choice of Gold or Silver.



Scorpian Sting Pendant £340


Scorpian Stings Bracelet £400 and Medium Stag Ring £150


Tiny Stag Studs £91 and Insect Legs Ring Citrine £204


Insect Leg Hoop Necklace £187.50 and Large Insect Legs Earrings £300


Large Stag Necklace £408


Mandible Earrings £168 and Large Stag Necklace £288


Scorpian Sting Necklace £360, Tiny Stag Ring £60 and Scorpian Sting Bracelet £400


Atlas Beetle Ring (Gold) £320 and Mandible Knuckle Duster Ring £137.50


Tiny Stag Ring £60



Septum & Crosses

Luv AJ are currently winning my heart with their tough collection of jewellery at the moment. Photos are from The Heavy Metal Lover Collection and the 4th And Bleeker x Luv AJ collaboration The Septum Collection.

I shall HAVE to make a purchase after Christmas.

Multi Pyramid Stud Choker $165

Crystal Cross Necklace $165 and Crystal Cross Statement Earrings $90

Pyramid Stud Tennis Bracelet $132

Septum Bracelets $99-$165

Double Septum Earring $70

Double Septum Earring $70