Family Comes First

Bit of a late post about a wedding fair I attended at the start of the month but I only just got a hold of the lovely images captured by my talented cousin. It’s the only wedding related thing I have done since my engagement about a year and a half ago, and interested me because it wasn’t the usual standard wedding milarky. It was also a great excuse to have a bit of a reunion with my two beautiful cousins and do something different to the norm. We took the day to travel into London and made our way to A Most Curious Wedding Fair, followed by some lunch and a spot of shopping on Carnaby Street.

So here are our photos of attending A Most Curious Wedding Fair held at Hackney Downs Studios, my cousin Rachel took all the vendor photos and I caught some decent snaps of the great catwalk show that ended the event on a high















For a list of vendors in attendance, I’ve added a link to the SS14 London Exhibitors.

It was a truly lovely event to attend, all the vendors were extremely friendly and attentive, and I was even given a lucky silver six pence that is placed in the bride’s shoe, a traditional British good luck gesture. I came out with some great ideas for my big day even though I haven’t even set a date yet.


& Other Stories


& Other Stories CC Quad £12

I spend about 98% of my life wearing no make-up. For a number of reasons, I suffer from extremely dry skin caused by my atopic eczema so it’s easier to just not wear any. And because I would rather that 15-20 minutes in bed on a morning rather than “putting my face on”. It’s not that I don’t like make-up, because I do. I just find it hard finding products suitable for my sensitive skin and that provide moisture.

I remember when I first started University I lived with an Italian girl that used a green colour corrector to reduce any redness on her face, a product I have never seen in the UK. So when I was down in London shopping in & Other Stories with my cousin and saw the CC Quad palette designed to neutralise unwanted colours like dark bags under your eyes and redness which I frequently suffer from, I had to buy it. It was in the Beauty sections Top 10 products in store and I can see why, as it’s a simple product which will be exceptionally useful for me. I highly recommend it, especially for £12!

  • Yellow – Lightens dark complexions as well as veins
  • Orange – Blue neutralizer, covers dark circles
  • Green – Minimizes redness such as acne
  • Purple – Brightens dull looking skin


I discovered this via NotCot and thought it was a beautiful concept by London based jewellery designer Tithi Kutchamuch. Part of her Secret Friend collection, and inspired by the death of her dog, Tithi has designed a range of jewellery with animal-shaped bases to keep them on, how very practical! I have included my favourite images of her work, taken by photographer Petr Krejci. Simple and beautiful I really like everything about these pieces. I have always found it annoying to store my jewellery in an appealing way, and this works perfectly. How do you feel about these striking images?




Classic Collection

Today I randomly stumbled upon the brand, Bracher Emden which is a luxury British accessories label.

For me, luxury is about pleasure and offering an experience that is different, unexpected and hedonistic. I think women are becoming tired of the constraints of minimalism and are ready to have fun with fashion again” – Richard Emden, Head Designer

I love this quote from Richard Emden, I have always appreciated luxury items, they are worth paying more for because of the quality and experience you receive from the brand.

I encourage you to check out the website to see what else Bracher Emden has to offer, there is a superb collection of other accessories for sale featuring laser etched patterns, great structural pieces and some fabulous detailing.

From the Classic Collection I’m lusting after the Structured Tote, it’s the perfect sized tote, another staple black bag I would love to add to my collection. What do you think to these beautiful accessories?


Structured Tote £250


Shopper £180


Satchel £200

Envelope Clutch

Envelope Clutch £95


iPad Case £70

Natural Talent

Do you dare to die? The sense of death is most in apprehension, and the poor beetle we tread upon feels a pang as great as when a giant dies. – William Shakespeare

I’m not one for quotes but thought that had some relevance to this post featuring the very talented jewellery designer, Rachel Boston. I discovered Rachel on In Detail, a brilliant website dedicated to Style in Jewellery which I highly recommend if you want to make some new discoveries.

I adore this lookbook and love how versatile the jewellery is for both men and women. Simple and beautiful designs, I’m particularly fond of the Tiny Stag Ring in silver, I find I can’t wear large rings because I have short fingers so this would be perfect. I will add it to my forever growing wishlist. Enjoy the images, they are linked back to her website so you can enjoy her designs. Prices vary depending on choice of Gold or Silver.



Scorpian Sting Pendant £340


Scorpian Stings Bracelet £400 and Medium Stag Ring £150


Tiny Stag Studs £91 and Insect Legs Ring Citrine £204


Insect Leg Hoop Necklace £187.50 and Large Insect Legs Earrings £300


Large Stag Necklace £408


Mandible Earrings £168 and Large Stag Necklace £288


Scorpian Sting Necklace £360, Tiny Stag Ring £60 and Scorpian Sting Bracelet £400


Atlas Beetle Ring (Gold) £320 and Mandible Knuckle Duster Ring £137.50


Tiny Stag Ring £60



Wearable Construction

For those of you who haven’t discovered the beautiful brand Moxham, here’s a description taken from the website’s “About” page:

Moxham, a venture by London-based Madeleine Moxham, offers a core collection of statement accessories and jewellery, inspired by Egyptian mythology and the repetition of striking motifs.

From necklaces to cuffs and leather bags, the items echo the mindset of the brand, shunning the generic in favour of oversized, constructed statement pieces for day or night.

I have been a fan of Moxham for quite a while now, and love the simplicity and quality of the designs. Bold and elegant I think it would be fairly easy to work these pieces into every outfit, I’d consider any of them a very good investment piece in my jewellery collection.

I am holding out in the hope that Madeleine designs a collection featuring some silver components rather than gold as I’ve always found myself reluctant to wear it. I literally can’t bring myself to wear gold, it’s almost a subconscious repulsion. Am I alone with this problem?

Here are my favourite pieces from Moxham’s current collection. Moxham jewellery and bags are also available at Bengt.

Apis Black £104

Anubis Black £130

Taba Black £57

Sora Black £122