Long time coming…

So I haven’t posted in what seems like an age, I think I have felt a little uninspired with what is out there on offer. I am also struggling to capture the right balance between buying fashion and homeware, I feel the house needs some decorating but I don’t want my wardrobe to suffer. Especially as I started a new job over a month ago, I am determined to keep my fashion identity at work without conforming to your typical office attire. It’s been a hard adjustment from working in retail to working in an office environment, I feel I don’t have enough clothes to rotate between week to week.

What I do need more than anything for work are some new shoes, I’m incredibly picky though so I find it hard to find what I want. I saw these boots by LD Tuttle which I really like, although not sure how appropriate they would be for work. I don’t have a pair this length… and they are half price in the sale though! $780 to $312!



the_range_lug_black_back_w-642x834What have you done to keep your style identity at work?



So let’s talk about Fleet Ilya and their amazing bags. Now owning one of these beauties is only a dream as they are WAY out of my price range, but a girl can lust after all! The structure and shapes are to die for, I love any brand that challenge boring design.

I’ve picked my favourites from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, what do you guys think?

Winger Box Bag Dark Grey £566

Multi Zip Long Strap Bag £650

Multi Zip Long Strap Bag £650

Sculpted Satchel £675

Sculpted Satchel £675

Large Parallelogram Clutch £541

Large Parallelogram Clutch £541

Flat Cuff Clutch Black £458

Flat Cuff Clutch Black £458

I think my absolute favourite would be the Winged Box Bag in Grey, it’s so unusual with great construction. Here’s to dreaming!

Summer Summer Time…

Oh Dear England, where is the sun? Unluckily for me my birthday fell on a Saturday between two beautifully sunny weekends, and I spent the morning setting up a gazebo in the pouring rain, adamant that having my annual birthday BBQ was still going to happen. Even though the weather was rubbish I had an amazing day with friends travelling from all over to see me!

While dreaming of the sun that has been replaced by constant rain at the moment I stumbled upon these awesome sunglasses cases by Tanner Goods, that come in an array of colours: Natural, Rich Mocha, Dark Oak, Chicago Tan and Black. I absolutely love this brilliant design, I just wonder if they could fit my cat-eye sunglasses. Onto my ever evolving wishlist they go!


Sunglass Case Black $65

Tanner Goods make a huge array of amazing leather goods, ranging from belts, bags, wallets, guitar straps and even rad little chopsticks carry-on pouches. Check out the website for the full range of products.

Be Still My Beating Heart

Ovate, currently my absolute favourite brand. Audrey Cantwell has out done herself with the new SS14 clothing and accessories that release tomorrow Monday the 17th of March. I have been a huge fan for a long while now and have been so excited watching out for sneak peeks on her Instagram account. See for yourself, images taken from the Ovate blog.









I am lusting over so much of this season’s release, I think my “must have’s” would be that amazing leather jacket and The Stowe x Ovate collaboration weekend bag.

What do you all think? Is it just me that thinks Ovate gets better and better with each passing season?

All Things Witchy…

I have followed Zana Bayne for a long time now, I’ve always wanted to treat myself to some of her leather goods. My favourite was always the Choker Belt, simple, understated and bad ass.

One day the most amazing bag popped up on my Instagram feed, and I got very excited because she has ventured into making handbags! Due for release in Spring/Summer 2014, the Pentagram Bag is already available for pre-order here. Best get saving now I think.

Feast your eyes on this beauty, pretty amazing right?



Dear Denny, Be Mine!

Like most of my discoveries, I found The Stowe via Instagram, Molly Spittal makes THE most beautifully designed handcrafted leather goods. After making a query about an amazing backpack asking whether there was a leather version being made available, I got a prompt replying saying in the near future! Then a couple weeks later I was kindly mentioned in a photo to find it was the phenomenal Denny backpack, which launched with the new website and a lot of other new products.

Now it’s on the pricey side of things, $325 but it’s fully warranted considering the amount of detail, premium materials and it’s made by a beautiful human. I shall be saving my pennies for this one, because it’s too amazing to miss out on.

Dear Denny you stole my heart, and here you are in all your glory!





Sonja Marunic, is a wonderfully talented fashion designer from Belgrade, Serbia.  I discovered her on Not Just A Label where she has a couple pieces up for sale. I’ve taken a quote from her website describing her approach to fashion.

Her interest is in solid construction, clear cuts, and juxtaposing the qualities of the sensual and delicate fabrics versus firm and constructive ones. Every choice of textile is carefully made. Giving the great importance to the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each piece, she is treating every segment of her clothing as a work of art.

Her clothes are made for contemporary women who are not afraid of being different  and noticed, women who are at the same time elegant and avantgarde, appreciating  the creative process behind the product.

Here are some of my favourite images from her “Must Have” lookbook, which I feel are very inspirational. The first and second image are my favourites, featuring a silk tunic with leather shoulder detailing. How do you feel about her designs?