Natural Talent

Do you dare to die? The sense of death is most in apprehension, and the poor beetle we tread upon feels a pang as great as when a giant dies. – William Shakespeare

I’m not one for quotes but thought that had some relevance to this post featuring the very talented jewellery designer, Rachel Boston. I discovered Rachel on In Detail, a brilliant website dedicated to Style in Jewellery which I highly recommend if you want to make some new discoveries.

I adore this lookbook and love how versatile the jewellery is for both men and women. Simple and beautiful designs, I’m particularly fond of the Tiny Stag Ring in silver, I find I can’t wear large rings because I have short fingers so this would be perfect. I will add it to my forever growing wishlist. Enjoy the images, they are linked back to her website so you can enjoy her designs. Prices vary depending on choice of Gold or Silver.



Scorpian Sting Pendant £340


Scorpian Stings Bracelet £400 and Medium Stag Ring £150


Tiny Stag Studs £91 and Insect Legs Ring Citrine £204


Insect Leg Hoop Necklace £187.50 and Large Insect Legs Earrings £300


Large Stag Necklace £408


Mandible Earrings £168 and Large Stag Necklace £288


Scorpian Sting Necklace £360, Tiny Stag Ring £60 and Scorpian Sting Bracelet £400


Atlas Beetle Ring (Gold) £320 and Mandible Knuckle Duster Ring £137.50


Tiny Stag Ring £60




Little Critters And Creepy Crawlies…

I happened to stumble across a lovely jewellery shop whilst traipsing around Soho in London a couple days ago. Joy Everley is a beautiful little fine jewellers selling an array of little critters and creepy crawlies. The mixture of both gold and silver is quite refreshing and adds a quirky edge to each piece. I also like the fact that the solid 9ct and 18ct cast jewellery is made from a minimum of 70% recycled gold. Any business that is eco-conscious is in my good books. There are so many pieces that would make fabulous christmas gifts for family and friends, and I wanted to spread the love with this great find. You can also choose the pendants and charms to make something more individual to your personality, i’ve always loved being able to customise things to my taste.

I was also particularly taken by the Beetles by Yasmin Everley collection, I’ve always had a fond fascination for beetles, and have been searching strangely enough for a Stag Beetle Necklace, which I have now found. I have shared a small selection of photos of the pieces on sale, I hope you like them as much as me.

What do you think?

Woodland Fox Necklace £95

Baby Deer With A Bow Necklace from £69

Silver & Vermeil Bee Necklace £109

Seahorses Friendship Necklace £45

Stag Beetle Pendant £69

Stag Beetle Ring £139

Dung Beetle Pendant £125

Dung Beetle Ring £159

Spider Ring £85