Welcoming New Silhouettes




I will always love trainers, I did sell them for 6 years after all. My only issue is the selection of aesthetically pleasing casual footwear for women is particularly poor. The choices of styles and colourways is never as great as what men get to choose from, which annoys me to no end. Men get such great limited releases and colabs which is why when I spotted these newly designed Nike Free Viritous on Hypebeast I was pleased to find they come in women’s sizes. Here’s to hoping I can find a European stockist rather than the only American one I’ve found so far. At $100 I think these would make an excellent addition to my collection of black trainers.

I really like this new silhouette, definately up my street. What do you guys think?


Long time coming…

So I haven’t posted in what seems like an age, I think I have felt a little uninspired with what is out there on offer. I am also struggling to capture the right balance between buying fashion and homeware, I feel the house needs some decorating but I don’t want my wardrobe to suffer. Especially as I started a new job over a month ago, I am determined to keep my fashion identity at work without conforming to your typical office attire. It’s been a hard adjustment from working in retail to working in an office environment, I feel I don’t have enough clothes to rotate between week to week.

What I do need more than anything for work are some new shoes, I’m incredibly picky though so I find it hard to find what I want. I saw these boots by LD Tuttle which I really like, although not sure how appropriate they would be for work. I don’t have a pair this length… and they are half price in the sale though! $780 to $312!



the_range_lug_black_back_w-642x834What have you done to keep your style identity at work?

Undeniably so…

I recently discovered Kim of The Mourning Cloak through Instagram and love her approach to personal style. One day when I was flicking through Instagram, I saw Kim had posted an unbelieveable leather jacket by Barbara Gongini. Pretty sure it was lust at first sight, yes for a piece of clothing! The cut and silhouette are to die for, and I am a sucker for anything with thumb holes.

It truly would be an amazing wardrobe addition that I would love to own, costing KR6,900 which equates to approximately £540 it’s definately not cheap, but not as ridiculously priced as it could have been. This one is undeniably worth saving up for and I am in need of a replacement leather jacket. See for yourself, make up your own mind:




Mind blown? Mine sure is, I can’t tear my eyes away from this beautifully designed leather jacket.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I have been an avid follower of Alicia Hannah Naomi since a friend led me to the discovery of her blog many years ago. When she started making her own jewellery I loved her design and aesthetics, and was an instant fan. I applaud her efforts on this new collection, and have my eye on the Awl Ring my favourite piece. I urge you to check out her amazing work.

In response to corporeal relationships and visceral sensuality, the 2015 collection features raw textures with a primal tactility. The desire for human contact is communicated through sculpted surface treatments and undulation that culminates in sharp detail. Interlocking elements delineate our common need for intimacy, while the shadowy blackening of the precious metals amplify the brutality associated with lust. Manufactured in Melbourne from sterling silver, precious gems and volcanic rock; the works allegorise the carnal connection of lovers.

Have a look at the hauntingly beautiful images from Alicia Hannah Naomi’s 2015 collection:

aliciahannahnaomi2015_1 aliciahannahnaomi2015_2 aliciahannahnaomi2015_3 aliciahannahnaomi2015_4 aliciahannahnaomi2015_4 aliciahannahnaomi2015_5 aliciahannahnaomi2015_6 aliciahannahnaomi2015_7 aliciahannahnaomi2015_8 aliciahannahnaomi2015_9 aliciahannahnaomi2015_10 aliciahannahnaomi2015_11 aliciahannahnaomi2015_12 aliciahannahnaomi2015_13 aliciahannahnaomi2015_14 aliciahannahnaomi2015_15 aliciahannahnaomi2015_16 aliciahannahnaomi2015_17





Studded Kiss Lipstick

So I always promise myself to try out lipsticks, I always see my friends wearing them but I always feel it’s too bold a statement for myself. Every so often I decide to be brave, buy one, wear it once and decide it’s not for me. Then I found the Kat Von D x  Sephora Studded Kiss Lipstick line, which has me sold on the packaging alone. I’m a sucker for something well presented. It comes in a huge array of beautiful colours including matte and a bunch of sparkly ones.

The full Kat Von D make up collection is available on the Sephora website. What do you guys think?


Studded Kiss Lipstick, shown in Underage Red $21

& Other Stories


& Other Stories CC Quad £12

I spend about 98% of my life wearing no make-up. For a number of reasons, I suffer from extremely dry skin caused by my atopic eczema so it’s easier to just not wear any. And because I would rather that 15-20 minutes in bed on a morning rather than “putting my face on”. It’s not that I don’t like make-up, because I do. I just find it hard finding products suitable for my sensitive skin and that provide moisture.

I remember when I first started University I lived with an Italian girl that used a green colour corrector to reduce any redness on her face, a product I have never seen in the UK. So when I was down in London shopping in & Other Stories with my cousin and saw the CC Quad palette designed to neutralise unwanted colours like dark bags under your eyes and redness which I frequently suffer from, I had to buy it. It was in the Beauty sections Top 10 products in store and I can see why, as it’s a simple product which will be exceptionally useful for me. I highly recommend it, especially for £12!

  • Yellow – Lightens dark complexions as well as veins
  • Orange – Blue neutralizer, covers dark circles
  • Green – Minimizes redness such as acne
  • Purple – Brightens dull looking skin

eBay Delights

Even if I had the money I would be very unlikely to buy this even though I absolutely adore it. I happened to stumble across it on eBay as I have Ann Demeulemeester flagged so when anything new pops up I get a first look in. I already have a Bloodmilk necklace similar so there really is no justification to want something so similar. Feast you eyes on this beautiful necklace, what do you think? I think it’s stunning.



With just under 14 hours to go, good luck to any bidders. $650 which is almost £400 is just way over budget for me, especially on eBay, the land of bargain dreams.