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& Other Stories CC Quad £12

I spend about 98% of my life wearing no make-up. For a number of reasons, I suffer from extremely dry skin caused by my atopic eczema so it’s easier to just not wear any. And because I would rather that 15-20 minutes in bed on a morning rather than “putting my face on”. It’s not that I don’t like make-up, because I do. I just find it hard finding products suitable for my sensitive skin and that provide moisture.

I remember when I first started University I lived with an Italian girl that used a green colour corrector to reduce any redness on her face, a product I have never seen in the UK. So when I was down in London shopping in & Other Stories with my cousin and saw the CC Quad palette designed to neutralise unwanted colours like dark bags under your eyes and redness which I frequently suffer from, I had to buy it. It was in the Beauty sections Top 10 products in store and I can see why, as it’s a simple product which will be exceptionally useful for me. I highly recommend it, especially for £12!

  • Yellow – Lightens dark complexions as well as veins
  • Orange – Blue neutralizer, covers dark circles
  • Green – Minimizes redness such as acne
  • Purple – Brightens dull looking skin