I discovered this via NotCot and thought it was a beautiful concept by London based jewellery designer Tithi Kutchamuch. Part of her Secret Friend collection, and inspired by the death of her dog, Tithi has designed a range of jewellery with animal-shaped bases to keep them on, how very practical! I have included my favourite images of her work, taken by photographer Petr Krejci. Simple and beautiful I really like everything about these pieces. I have always found it annoying to store my jewellery in an appealing way, and this works perfectly. How do you feel about these striking images?





Dear Denny, Be Mine!

Like most of my discoveries, I found The Stowe via Instagram, Molly Spittal makes THE most beautifully designed handcrafted leather goods. After making a query about an amazing backpack asking whether there was a leather version being made available, I got a prompt replying saying in the near future! Then a couple weeks later I was kindly mentioned in a photo to find it was the phenomenal Denny backpack, which launched with the new website and a lot of other new products.

Now it’s on the pricey side of things, $325 but it’s fully warranted considering the amount of detail, premium materials and it’s made by a beautiful human. I shall be saving my pennies for this one, because it’s too amazing to miss out on.

Dear Denny you stole my heart, and here you are in all your glory!