Sonja Marunic, is a wonderfully talented fashion designer from Belgrade, Serbia.  I discovered her on Not Just A Label where she has a couple pieces up for sale. I’ve taken a quote from her website describing her approach to fashion.

Her interest is in solid construction, clear cuts, and juxtaposing the qualities of the sensual and delicate fabrics versus firm and constructive ones. Every choice of textile is carefully made. Giving the great importance to the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each piece, she is treating every segment of her clothing as a work of art.

Her clothes are made for contemporary women who are not afraid of being different  and noticed, women who are at the same time elegant and avantgarde, appreciating  the creative process behind the product.

Here are some of my favourite images from her “Must Have” lookbook, which I feel are very inspirational. The first and second image are my favourites, featuring a silk tunic with leather shoulder detailing. How do you feel about her designs?