I discovered 2nd Day whilst perusing ASOS‘s offerings for wedding attire, and came across a couple lovely printed and nice draped pieces that I really liked. I’m not big into colour and always find myself drawn to greys and blacks, and having looked on the 2nd Day website I found these lovely texture prints in shades of grey.

I do need do add some different textures, shapes and materials into my wardrobe. What do you think to these?

2nd Funny, £100

2nd Funny, £100


2nd Cille, £170

2nd Lined, £180

2nd Lined, £180


2nd Halley Print, £95



I’ve never really been into stones but recently I’ve found myself really interested in them, by best friend has always collected and worn stone jewellery so maybe she’s finally rubbing off on me. I’m fascinated by the array of beautiful colours you can find in natural stones, most of which I had no idea existed.

Following my recent discovered love for natural stones, I was very excited to see one of my favourite jewellers, BloodMilk release a collection featuring moonstone. Each piece has a beautiful little story surrounding it which makes for a fascinating read. Check out her Etsy shop full of amazing creations.

The second I can spare some money I will be treating myself to the Belonging To The Underworld ring, I think I will request to have it in a highly polished finish, so it sits better with the rest of my jewellery collection.


Belonging To The Darkness £137


Belonging To The Underworld £110


Hecate’s Diadem Necklace £137


Hecate Ring £137


Nyx Necklace £198


The High Priestess Necklace £178


Mini Nyx Necklace £150

Which of these beauties would you choose?