Natural Talent

Do you dare to die? The sense of death is most in apprehension, and the poor beetle we tread upon feels a pang as great as when a giant dies. – William Shakespeare

I’m not one for quotes but thought that had some relevance to this post featuring the very talented jewellery designer, Rachel Boston. I discovered Rachel on In Detail, a brilliant website dedicated to Style in Jewellery which I highly recommend if you want to make some new discoveries.

I adore this lookbook and love how versatile the jewellery is for both men and women. Simple and beautiful designs, I’m particularly fond of the Tiny Stag Ring in silver, I find I can’t wear large rings because I have short fingers so this would be perfect. I will add it to my forever growing wishlist. Enjoy the images, they are linked back to her website so you can enjoy her designs. Prices vary depending on choice of Gold or Silver.



Scorpian Sting Pendant £340


Scorpian Stings Bracelet £400 and Medium Stag Ring £150


Tiny Stag Studs £91 and Insect Legs Ring Citrine £204


Insect Leg Hoop Necklace £187.50 and Large Insect Legs Earrings £300


Large Stag Necklace £408


Mandible Earrings £168 and Large Stag Necklace £288


Scorpian Sting Necklace £360, Tiny Stag Ring £60 and Scorpian Sting Bracelet £400


Atlas Beetle Ring (Gold) £320 and Mandible Knuckle Duster Ring £137.50


Tiny Stag Ring £60




For Your Ears…

There’s something about her beauty and strength, I really couldn’t decide between “Hedonism” and “Weak”, both are amazing songs. I have always loved Skunk Anansie but sadly I have never seen them live, although I have seen Skin in my first year of university when she released her solo album. Mind-blowing. Education for your ears:

Birthday Wishlist

So my birthday’s coming up soon and my fiancé has strict instructions on what to buy me, like at Christmas, I’d rather receive something I actually want and need than a surprise present I dislike and end up never using/appreciating. So some GHD’s are finally coming my way and a beautiful print by the artist Richey Beckett who I somehow discovered on Instagram.


Richey Beckett “Conviction” £40

This original illustration ‘CONVICTION’ by Richey Beckett is a limited edition screen print. It’s a limited set of 180, across four colourways Crimson (60), Blue (30), Pale Pink (60), Pale Blue (30). We decided to go for the Blue edition, I love the ridiculous amount of detail and can’t wait to get it framed and on a wall. I love my slow growing art collection, it’s very random in terms of if they were hung next to each other they’d be entirely different. I’d suggest viewing his shop to see Richey’s artwork, sadly it’s all SOLD OUT, but it’s no wonder as they are so reasonably priced. So incredibly talented right?

Apart from those all I REALLY want is a pair of Senso Bessie II boots in Smoke, instant love at first sight with these, in dire need of more boots in my shoe collection. I have only been able to find an Australian stockist, Argentina store, I can’t justifying buying them for myself with trying to save my pennies for purchasing a house and learning to drive… we’ll see how things turn out. I really have taken on too much at once.


Senso Bessie II Smoke $249

Sensible present ideas from family and friends are just John Lewis or Marks & Spencers vouchers to buy pretty homeware of course. This sensible thing must come with age… *sigh*! I hate being sensible, don’t you?