“Likes” Collection

I love looking at what I’ve “liked” on Instagram, it’s like my own mini collection of inspirational images that I’ve been very particular about choosing as a “Photo You’ve Liked”. Mine’s a beautiful mixture of friends, family, fashion, artists and anything cute. What does yours say about you?













All Creatures Great and Small

I recently discovered imm-living whilst looking for ring/jewellery holders having just obtained my engagement ring I feel the need for safe yet fun storage. There’s an array of porcelain creature skulls in bell jars which are my favourite, slighly creepy faceless animal containers with a mirror where there face would have been, a collection of hunted animal trays useful for loose change and what not and a bunch of various fun trinket dishes and jars. I found the best place to buy them online is Pure Home, go check it out. Here are a bunch of my favourites, what do you think?


Triceratops Skull Jewellery Holder $65.50


Unicorn Skull Jewellery Holder $65.50


Royal Tine Deer Antlers Jewellery Holder $45


Royal Tyne Antelope Antlers Jewellery Holder $45

Jackalope Watusi Peach Jewellery Holder $52

Jackalope Watusi Peach Jewellery Holder $52


Hunter’s Den Bear Trinket Dish £34.50


Rabbit Mirror Container $70.50

Ring Ring Bling Bling

So my now fiancé proposed to me at Christmas and knowing me well avoided actually buying me a ring, with good cause, because it’s actually taken 4 months to finally get my engagement ring sorted. I spent hours searching the internet high and low for ideas and inspiration, and finally gathered my ideas together and chose to go with a company based in Batley, West Yorkshire called Alicia Mai. I was instantly attracted to how shiny all the diamonds looked set in a beautiful array of different rings, and initially a bit daunted to ask anything about a custom ring, the kind lady at the counter mentioned her husband Alan and gave me a business card with his details on it. I then went on to e-mail him regarding my idea of my dream ring and spent a few weeks corresponding then finally went back to Batley to speak in person and put the deposit down. 6 weeks later this happens:


It’s so much better than expected. A solitaire black diamond in a four claw white gold settings, split shoulders and each shoulder is grain-set with six white diamonds. I couldn’t be happier. Alan was an absolute pleasure to work with and even gave us a bottle of Champagne when he presented the ring to us. I will be going back to him to sort the matching wedding band when the time comes. I highly recommend Alan from Alicia Mai to anyone looking for something special.