Septum & Crosses

Luv AJ are currently winning my heart with their tough collection of jewellery at the moment. Photos are from The Heavy Metal Lover Collection and the 4th And Bleeker x Luv AJ collaboration The Septum Collection.

I shall HAVE to make a purchase after Christmas.

Multi Pyramid Stud Choker $165

Crystal Cross Necklace $165 and Crystal Cross Statement Earrings $90

Pyramid Stud Tennis Bracelet $132

Septum Bracelets $99-$165

Double Septum Earring $70

Double Septum Earring $70


Wearable Construction

For those of you who haven’t discovered the beautiful brand Moxham, here’s a description taken from the website’s “About” page:

Moxham, a venture by London-based Madeleine Moxham, offers a core collection of statement accessories and jewellery, inspired by Egyptian mythology and the repetition of striking motifs.

From necklaces to cuffs and leather bags, the items echo the mindset of the brand, shunning the generic in favour of oversized, constructed statement pieces for day or night.

I have been a fan of Moxham for quite a while now, and love the simplicity and quality of the designs. Bold and elegant I think it would be fairly easy to work these pieces into every outfit, I’d consider any of them a very good investment piece in my jewellery collection.

I am holding out in the hope that Madeleine designs a collection featuring some silver components rather than gold as I’ve always found myself reluctant to wear it. I literally can’t bring myself to wear gold, it’s almost a subconscious repulsion. Am I alone with this problem?

Here are my favourite pieces from Moxham’s current collection. Moxham jewellery and bags are also available at Bengt.

Apis Black £104

Anubis Black £130

Taba Black £57

Sora Black £122

Christmas Wishlist…

This year, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to collate a wishlist for Christmas. I’ve always been the worst person to buy presents for, just ask my boyfriend, he probably think’s I’m an absolute nightmare. This is exactly why I make a list of what I want, then you can’t go wrong, and I don’t seem ungrateful when I receive something I didn’t want. What’s the point? The money could be put towards something I will actually wear, use and love. I also put a great deal of thought into presents, they are normally something I wouldn’t generally buy for myself, so they are a bit more special. Anyway that’s my rant over with, apologies.

So I think I’ve narrowed my list down to three things, of which I have only actually asked for one. I absolutely love all of these for very different reasons. How are your wishlist’s looking this year?

1. Blood Milk – The Messenger Necklace

2. Draw In Light Black Bones Easy T

3. Amy Sol’s Fire Daughter Print