Ovate – La Grande Noirceur

I can’t remember how I ended up stumbling upon the brand Ovate, most likely my love of exploring Etsy. Generally when I find a seller on Etsy whose products I love, I always browse their favourites for links to brands similar in style, it’s a great way of discovering new things. Ovate is designed by Audrey Cantwell and made in Montreal.

I did some research into the word Ovate finding it to stem from Druidry, which is split into three areas of study and practice: those of the Bard, Ovate and Druid.

What is an Ovate?

The Ovate is a seer, combining mental and spiritual discipline with the intuitive gifts of the bard, seeking through awen-inspired vision to understand the flow of events, past, present, and future. A primary Ovate skill is divination, seen in its literal sense as communication with the divine. Another is healing, the Ovate practice of healing drawing on an understanding of the flow of spirit, the will of the gods and the nature of human destiny.

All of this was absolutely unknown to me, and I find it all fantastically interesting. I have all the time in the world to learn about new things.

For more information on: Druidry.

There is also a Nordic influence in Audrey’s designs like in the The Curse of Busla dress which features a vertical rune print that reads “May Cliffs Be Shattered” which is taken from an ancient Norse poem that the dress is named after.

I have my sights set on obtaining the Leather Panelled Leggings, although currently sold out, apparently they should make a return in January. It’s not often I like an entire collection by a designer but this is perfect in my books. Dark, mysterious, elegant, all the right shapes and materials. I urge you to check out the website or Etsy store and see for yourself.

Audrey’s current collection, La Grande Noirceur. Just spectacular right?

Curse of Busla Dress in Black Silk $260

Black Hooded Wool Cloak $210

Black Hooded Coat with Leather Sleeves

Valhalla Hooded Sweater $85

Leather Panelled Leggings

Death Shadow Leggings $55

Square Scarf with Leather Binding $90


Little Critters And Creepy Crawlies…

I happened to stumble across a lovely jewellery shop whilst traipsing around Soho in London a couple days ago. Joy Everley is a beautiful little fine jewellers selling an array of little critters and creepy crawlies. The mixture of both gold and silver is quite refreshing and adds a quirky edge to each piece. I also like the fact that the solid 9ct and 18ct cast jewellery is made from a minimum of 70% recycled gold. Any business that is eco-conscious is in my good books. There are so many pieces that would make fabulous christmas gifts for family and friends, and I wanted to spread the love with this great find. You can also choose the pendants and charms to make something more individual to your personality, i’ve always loved being able to customise things to my taste.

I was also particularly taken by the Beetles by Yasmin Everley collection, I’ve always had a fond fascination for beetles, and have been searching strangely enough for a Stag Beetle Necklace, which I have now found. I have shared a small selection of photos of the pieces on sale, I hope you like them as much as me.

What do you think?

Woodland Fox Necklace £95

Baby Deer With A Bow Necklace from £69

Silver & Vermeil Bee Necklace £109

Seahorses Friendship Necklace £45

Stag Beetle Pendant £69

Stag Beetle Ring £139

Dung Beetle Pendant £125

Dung Beetle Ring £159

Spider Ring £85

Draw In Light

Having discovered Draw In Light, I knew they should be my first style post. Their About page sums them up:

“Draw In Light print with free-hand silk-screen techniques.

Specialising in elegant, minimal, raw smart yet understated shapes for women.

Due to our processes each garment is an individual.

This is a substance to our style, the essence and integrity that is Draw In Light”

Everything they produce is unique, something I find refreshing, who doesn’t love receiving something that is one-of-a-kind?

There’s something so evocative about these pieces that really appeals to me, what do you think?

Here are my 4 favourite pieces from their A/W 2012 collection, Take Heart.

Draw In Light Black Bones Easy T £154

Draw In Light Black Paint Easy Silk T £229

Draw In Light Black Forest Silk Dress £462

Draw In Light Black Bones Long Sleeve Dress £280

The Road To Self Discovery…

Here begins my journey…

Some people find it really easy to define themselves style-wise, I find it almost impossible to blend a look to my satisfaction. I always find something’s missing. And I can never work out why.

I know what I like. Sometimes that is not enough. I like there to be a purpose in objects.

Most of the time I cannot afford to piece together the perfect outfit because each item would amount to a vast fortune. But I pride myself when I do save up and buy a beautiful product. I try to think about the future when I buy something, will it stand the test of time? Will I still want to wear this in a years time? I mean if I spend a lot of money on something, of course I want my wear out of it.

I believe we live in a ‘throw-away culture’, nothing lasts long, the same goes for trends in fashion. They come and go so quickly, and I’m left wondering what ever happened to all those outfits people once use to wear. This is not me. I want to discover one look that works for me and stick with it.

I want somewhere to collate my ideas and discoveries. That being here.